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Loving and Professional Team

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Principal Wong


Being Touched, Thankfulness


By the time this piece was written, it was already the end of May 2019. In the blink of the eye, it has come to the end of the third year of the School Development Cycle, which started back in 2016. In the past three years of school development, apart from the development of learning and teaching, the extension project and the implementation of "Positive Education" could be said to be the most important and challenging tasks of the school. These challenges also encouraged us to innovate and collaborate as a team.


In order to support the expansion of the new wing, the Parents and Teachers Association (PTA) co-organised the "Sunshine Campus Carnival" on 4-5th May this year to support the fundraising. The two days were packed with activities ranging from talent pop-up and 20 booth games; 7 of which were organized by the teachers while the rest was designed and manned by parents. With “Positive Education” as the central theme, parent volunteers created booths which were educational and fun at the same time. The PTA also coordinated a charity bazaar, the inflatable castle and the ice-cream trucker. In addition, parents sold hand-made hair accessories, twisted hundreds of balloon comic characters and did face-painting for the guests. Apart from there being only 26 teachers, while the rest of the team took part in the Positive Education workshops, it also rained intermittently. However, in no way did it diminish the enthusiasm and support of the parents, teachers and students of the school. Apart from bringing in added donations, the 11,000 participants witnessed, at first hand, the teamwork and positive energy generated from home-school cooperation. One cannot help but be moved and touched by the enthusiasm and selfless dedication of the parent and student volunteers. 


The school values the holistic development of all students. We promote “Positive education” through a whole-school approach, such as class building, PSE lessons, assemblies and school-wide activities. The "Experiential Day" held on 1st February was carefully planned by the teachers of the Life Education Group. With the support of all the teachers and parent volunteers, everyone had a deeper understanding of the importance of friendship, having a growth mindset and to be persevering. They also experienced many touching moments.


In order to give parents a better understanding of "Positive Education", two talks took place this year with a turnout rate of more than 90%. Parents, who attended the series of parent workshops back in January, viewed the events extremely positively and looked forward to participating in similar events in the future. An event for which we were most grateful was our success in inviting the experts from the Geelong Positive Education Institute in Australia to come to Hong Kong on 5th to 7th May to provide a 3-day course for 36 of our teachers and more than 80 from the HKUGA College. This comprehensive understanding of "Positive Education" will enable the entire team of teachers to implement a “through-train” approach through embedding Positive Education into our school culture. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to our school board for spending over $100,000 to support the teachers in their training. Thank you!


At the moment, our teachers and I are writing the next three-year plan. We are also looking forward to seeing the completion of the new wing by the end of 2019. The dream is constant and the gratitude is endless!


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