Loving and Professional Team

Loving and Professional Team

Principal's Message

Principal Wong Kwai Ling, Christina

2022-2023 Principal's Message


After a short summer break, the 2022-2023 school year started smoothly on 1st September. Although classes were only half-day, teachers, classmates and parents were well prepared and cherished the opportunity to return to school in person. On the one hand, the three-year pandemic has created a blended model of distance and physical learning, with diversified learning opportunities. On the other, it has weakened students' normal campus life and social activities. Therefore, in the first two weeks of school, teachers focused on organising class activities which enhanced the practice of social skills and interaction among students, so as to prepare them for cooperative learning when whole-day school resumed. Thanks to the loving and professional leadership of the teachers, the smiling faces and shining eyes under the masks of the students added joy and vitality to the campus!


In addition to welcoming more than 140 new students and 4 new teachers this academic year, the school has also launched a three-year cycle of school development (2022-2025). Inheriting the development of Positive Education in the past few years, the school has established a positive campus culture and promoted Self-regulated Learning. The school has always focused on the holistic development of the whole person. In the new development plan, values education and the development of Student Agency have become part of our major concerns:


  1. To foster a holistic development of students through emphasis on values education and a culture of service.

  2. To promote student agency for shaping their own lives and contributing to the lives of others.

In our 20th year, we are grateful for the steady development of the school over the past 20 years, under the leadership of the HKU Graduates Association Education Fund and the School managing board, the professional effort of the previous principals and teaching staff, as well as the support of parents and members of the community. Looking ahead, in the face of the new normal and post-pandemic challenges under the pandemic, I believe we need new mode of learning and thinking to promote continuous school progress (from Good to Great). For the growth and well-being of students, we believe that all stakeholders of the school will continue to forge ahead in the future!

eMail: christinawong@hkugaps.edu.hk