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Mr. Leung






Mrs. Ada Robinson

The Big Bad Wolf eventually adapted a Growth Mindset


"The Awakening of the Big Bad Wolf", Integrated Arts Performance 2017/2018, combined The Three Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf of Zhong Shan, three classic stories in which the Big Bad Wolf was the villain.


In the story, The Three Little Pigs turned into blood-sucking landlords, Mr. Dong Guo turned into a fraud, while the Big Bad Wolf was forced to find his Character Strengths. He eventually adapted a Growth Mindset and turned into a nice, vegetarian wolf.


The story was not only funny and down to earth, it was also related to one of our main school themes for the past few years - Positive Education.


After the show, the audience had a better understanding of terms and ideas such as Character Strengths and Growth Mindset, which helped our school promote Positive Education from school to families, and from classrooms to society.



Mr. Yip



我們期望增強學生的正向意義,改變生活、環境和人與人的關係,令世界更美好。我們深信改變是從自己做起,於是教育學生不要輕看自己年紀小,輕看小學生的力量,在一個早會上以引入「Make a difference」為題。兒童人口約佔全球的六分之一,這龐大的人口其力量非同小可,世界各地都有不同團體有類似「Make a difference」的精神和運動。學生開始嘗試把目光放在如何令人們現有的生活更幸福美好,從改變自己、家庭、學校或社區以至城市為目標,我們讓學生有兩星期的時間去記錄自己所做的大、小甚至超微小的改變,讓學生們在體驗日當天在班中跟同學互相分享。



Ms. Fiona Yung

Those Few Days were the Happiest Days for Me

Time flies and primary school life has come to a glorious end with the P.6 Graduation Camp which has become one of the P.6 students' collective memories. Those few days were the happiest days for me because I witnessed lots of growth! My efforts paid off! As a class teacher, it's my pleasure as well as my responsibility to guide them through ups and downs. Their real personalities were especially obvious in this camp and I believe these wonderful moments should be remembered.

Ms. Fiona YUNG