Special Announcement

Recently, there have been rumors on the Internet that our school (HKUGA Primary School) and the HKUGA College will be delinked from our "through train" status.
The school hereby declares that the HKUGA Primary School and the College will continue to  maintain a "through-train" mode of operation and the two schools do not have any intention or plans to delink. This is the official disclaimer from the HKUGA Primary School.

04 Jun 2020



P2-P5 Admission

Application for P.2 to P.5 Admission in 2020-2021


Click here to check the Result for the Admission Test (Written)


Parents should take note of the following arrangements:


  1. Parents should check the Result for the Admission Test (Written) from the online admission system on our school website on 24 June 2020.
  2. Candidates who are invited to attend the Second Round Interview And Oral Test will receive a Notification Letter from our online admission system. Parents who cannot access the online admission system should contact school office before 27 June 2020.


Notes for Admission  Q&A (Chinese version only)