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Lunch Arrangement

Lunch arrangement


HKUGAPS is a full-time school, which students are required to stay in school in both morning and afternoon. Lunch break provides a good chance for students to learn how to get along with each other and they can participate in different activities according to their interest.

Lunch Arrangement as below:


  • Students can bring their own lunch box.
  • Students can order lunch box at school.
    • The supervisor team, which is formed by teacher and parent representatives, has decided to use lunch service from Sailing Boat Luncheon Production Ltd after meal trials and comparing various food manufacturers.
    • To order lunch box for student, please refer to the ''Lunch Order Circular'' which is given out at the beginning of school year.
  • Lunch box delivered by family members.
    • Lunch time (Monday to Friday): 12:30p.m – 1:00p.m.
    • Family members need to present Parents' Card when they enter school.
    • Lunch box with students' name and class written should be left at specific place outside General Office. Our staff will arrange sending the lunch box to students.
    • Students will have to bring home the lunch box after school.
    • Soup in delivered lunch box is not recommended.
    • For the health of students, please do not purchase fast food with high fat content.