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Recent Events

Robomaster 2022

Key Learning Areas
13 Mar 2023

In recent years, HKUGA Primary School has participated in different STEM competitions to increase students' interest in science and broaden their horizons. Robomaster emphasizes teamwork, high expectation on coding, engineering skills and self-management skills which is just in line with the development direction of the school. E200 STEM students participated in various Robomaster competitions in August 2022, December 2022, and March 2023. You can review the exciting content of the activities through the following links.


Round of 32

HKUGA VS Hong Kong Putonghua Institute Science and Technology Creative Primary School (4:41:50 - 4:49:30)

Round of 16

HKUGA VS HKCCCU Logos Academy (2:41:20 - 2:58:00)

Quarter Final

HKUGA VS St. Bonaventure Catholic Primary School (5:51:00 - 6:05:00)

Participants of Robomaster

Chui Ching Kwan AlvinHuang Ka KiuAu Yeung Tin Yat Nathan
Wong Yat WaiLiu Ka Ning GraceChan Wai Shing
Kwong Yee LamLiu SiyanLam Ching Ho
 Lo Aiden 
 Tse Tsz Hon Rico 
 Wong Ethan Chi Hei 
 Yim Wing Hin 

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Robomaster 2022Robomaster 2022Robomaster 2022Robomaster 2022