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Life Sharing by Mr. Shum

Student Development
19 May 2023
HKUGA Primary School

We were honoured to have the presence of Mr. Shum to share with us his life at the P.4-6 assembly. He used to work in the field of logistics but in 2003, he was severely injured in a traffic accident. As a result, his left forearm was amputated. At that moment, he was well-loved and supported by his family and friends which made him believe once again that every human has his or her value and that losing a part of his body would not decrease that value at all.


In 2013, Mr. Shum prepared himself well and completed a triathlon race. What he was strive after was not the joy of victory but he enjoyed participating in the event and challenging himself.


In 2014, Mr. Shum started to learn how to play the violin using his prothesis. He wished to let the society know that success does not depend on when you begin. If you have the heart to start and take your steps, you will have the opportunity to succeed. Mr. Shum insisted on going after his dreams and interests and eventually, these dreams and interests allow him to expand his horizons and even become his achievements!


In times of adversity, Mr. Shum gritted his teeth and in turn gave his life new meanings, values and strength. He is perseverant and often holds on to his motto "Dreams come true with self-confidence. Success comes if you are willing to try". In 2015, he started sharing his own story in addition to inclusive elements in over 50 schools with an average audience of 200 children and youth.


Through sharing his real life stories of his own and his disabled friends, he hopes to impart a positive impact to everyone to learn to appreciate oneself, though imperfect.

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