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P4-P6 Assembly

Student Development
05 May 2023
HKUGA Primary School

We are delighted to have our alumni, Chow Hiu Yau, to have a life sharing about her challenges and achievements as a full-time elite athlete of the Hong Kong Sports Institute and representative of the Hong Kong Figure Skating Team.


When she was 1.5 years old, she had renal sarcoma which required her to undergo radiotherapy. Later, she decided to follow her sister’s footsteps and focus on figure skating which resulted in lots of achievements as she has much potential.


Then, in 2017, Hiu Yau faced the biggest failure in her life so far as she came last in an international competition which she represented Hong Kong for the first time. After reflection, she realized that she had a mental block and was afraid of the huge audience as well as the panel of judges. Gladly, this did not stop her from pursuing her dream as she reflected upon the experience.  With the support of her family, she decided to be a full-time athlete to accumulate more experience in international competitions.


Throughout these years, she needs to constantly strike a balance between academics (Civil Engineering in Hong Kong University of Science and Technology) and sports training. Her daily schedule consists of morning training, going to school in the afternoon and doing gym or physiotherapy in the evening.


As a result of the radiotherapy done during her infant years, her lower back muscles on the right are flat while the left side continues to develop. This condition seriously affects her training as figure skating is a sport which requires balance.


As her teachers, we are pleased to see Hiu Yau live out the values we instilled in her during her primary school life – perseverance, diligence and positive thinking.


Here, we wish her good health and keep stretching her potential!

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