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Integrated-Arts Department Annual Performance <Zoom Over> and "Awesome Arts Day"

Student Performance
14 Jul 2021
HKUGA Primary School

Due to the pandemic, teachers and students learnt to have lessons and meetings on Zoom, so school life continues. If you were trapped in Zoom, what would life be like? This is the story of HKUGA Primary School Integrated-Arts Department 2020-21 Annual Performance <Zoom Over>.


Social distancing policy makes it impossible to gather and rehearse, then how can we put on our Annual "Performance"? Eventually, Mrs. Robinson wrote a play on Zoom, Mr. Lau and Ms. Cheng of School Drama Team, and Ms. Sze of School Dance Team, made a great effort with the team members to rehearse on Zoom. When Face-to-Face teaching resumed, Teacher Carol and Teacher Silas of the Music Department invited some Choir members and squeezed time from our limited school hours to practise and sing the two songs in the story. Mr. Chow played the guitar and Ms. Fiona played the piano to complete the task. Dance teacher Ms. Au also took the opportunity to rehearse the finale with 4C and shot it at school on weekends - remember at the end of June 2021, there were days with Amber rain, those were the days when we were working at school. On the Sunday when we shot, the rain miraculously stopped for half a day, it was like even the sky treasured our hard work. For visual arts, usually teachers guide students to design costumes for us. This year's story hardly needed any costumes, but one weird character wore a mask, therefore visual arts teachers Mr. Leung and Ms. Chan guided P5 students to design a mask and outstanding work was shown at the end of the show. United together and determined, the Integrated-arts Department Annual Performance this year was finally completed, the first time in our school history, in the form of a short film.


<Zoom Over> was first shown at school on "Awesome Arts Day" which was the last school day of the year. We could not watch a show in a theatre, so we had various arts activities at school. On "Awesome Arts Day" we watched <Zoom Over> and did arts and crafts, some year levels even put on their "Last Masked Super Star Talent Show". Students played musical instruments, sang songs, danced, performed magic and short plays with their masks on! At the end, we said goodbye to the school year 2020-21 with songs and laughter and experienced the beauty of arts and the infinite creativity under restrictions of life.

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