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Beijing Aerospace Technology and History and Culture Study Tour

Life-wide Learninig
21 - 25 Mar 2024

In order to expand students' horizons and let them understand China's aerospace technology, Beijing's history, life and culture, our school has arranged to lead Primary 5 students to visit the "Beijing Aerospace Science and Technology Center and Donggao Fengtai District, Beijing" from March 21 to March 25, 2024. Second Primary School" for exchange visits.


Learning purpose


  1. By staying with the other student's family for two nights, you can personally experience the learning, life and local culture of local students, and promote in-depth exchanges between students from the two places;
  2. Expand students' horizons, let students understand China's history, culture, and the development of China's aerospace science and technology.


Main learning activities


  1. Aerospace science and technology learning and exchange activities were conducted at the Qian Xuesen Youth Science and Technology Museum: aerospace experience, making small rockets, simulated launches, and lectures by aerospace experts;
  2. Visit the China Aerospace Museum;
  3. Visit scenic spots with historical and cultural significance: the Great Wall of China - Juyongguan, the Forbidden City or the Old Summer Palace, Tiananmen Square in Beijing, the Monument to the People's Heroes, etc.

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