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Scout hiking activity to Big Wave Bay

Life-wide Learninig
02 Dec 2023
From Chai Wan to Big Wave Bay

The students of our school's Cub Scouts had an unforgettable hiking trip! They set off from the school and embarked on an adventurous journey to Da Lang Bay. Along the way, they admired the magnificent mountain and river landscapes and acquired various hiking skills and knowledge specific to Cub Scouts. The students recorded their observations and experiences using cameras and notebooks, preparing to showcase their achievements on the online platform, Teams.


This hiking activity not only allowed the students to appreciate the beauty of nature but also fostered their teamwork and creativity. During the process of climbing the mountain trails, the students supported and helped each other, experiencing the importance of teamwork. At the same time, they were inspired by the embrace of nature, unleashing endless creativity to express what they saw and heard in their own unique ways.


This hiking activity enabled the students to gain a deeper understanding of the educational value of hiking. It not only introduced them to the wonders of nature but also cultivated their spirit of exploration and environmental consciousness. Through firsthand experiences, they learned to cherish nature and grow through exploration.

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