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SAR Rescue Team Sharing

Student Development
27 Mar 2023
HKUGA Primary School

It was our honour for our school to have invited the SAR Rescue Team to share with our students on March 27.


On that day, the rescue team shared their experiences with the students at the school hall during the tutorial session in the afternoon. There were P.3, P.5, and P.6 students in the Hall, while P.1, P.2and P.4 could watch the live broadcast in classrooms.


Members of the rescue team, who are members of the Sai Wan Ho Fire Station, spoke about their experiences and the difficulties they faced in the rescue operation. It was a valuable opportunity to let the students understand that not only must they face the risk of extreme weather and aftershocks, but the shortage of water and supplies also made the rescue operation difficult. It was really encouraging that the rescue team finally overcame many difficulties and rescued four survivors.


The students learnt from the team’s perseverance and also understood that what we have are not inevitable, and we should cherish them.


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