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Recent Events

New Wing Opening Ceremony

Major Concerns
07 Nov 2020
HKUGA Primary School

Thanks for all the supports and contributions, we are proud to unveil our new wing, which is denominated "Tong Siu Building", finally.


The inauguration of it was held on 7th November although students has been using the facilities since September. Apart from the marking of this extraordinary milestone with the guests in school, the live stream of the event from our website was adopted to allow parents and students to share the important moment and to express our immense gratitude to all the supporters and contributors.


Besides knowing the main facilities, cherish and be grateful are also the main ideas we want to deliver to our students during the tour of the "Tong Siu Building" between the period of 20th to 29th October.


Parents' tours will be arranged right after the epidemic subsided.


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20201107_New Wing Opening Ceremony + Highlight

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