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Recent Events

STEM Theatre - Coke Fountain

Transdisciplinary Learning
17 Dec 2019
HKUGA Primary School

Every school year, the STEM committee regularly organizes various STEM experimental workshops on different topics. Students can learn more about the scientific principles while they are conducting various experiments.


In this cola fountain experiment, scotch mints "Mentos" were placed in carbonated soda, which triggered the fountain. Meanwhile, the STEM pioneers of our school led students of different grades to learn about the scientific principles behind the experiments, helping students to "learn by doing".

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cover鍾老師講解科學原理同學把萬樂珠放入可樂,引發噴泉。  由小先鋒們詳細講解操作注意事項 同學們十分投入,仔細地觀察有趣的科學反應。