Special Announcement

Recently, there have been rumors on the Internet that our school (HKUGA Primary School) and the HKUGA College will be delinked from our "through train" status.
The school hereby declares that the HKUGA Primary School and the College will continue to  maintain a "through-train" mode of operation and the two schools do not have any intention or plans to delink. This is the official disclaimer from the HKUGA Primary School.

04 Jun 2020

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Recent Events

Assembly - Class Presentation

Student Development
04 - 18 Oct 2019
HKUGA Primary School

本學年之班級分享(Class Presentation)改為每兩個級別進行(一和二、三和四、五和六),各班有更充裕的時間進行。各班藉著這次週會的機會分享自己班別的特色,週會在一片歡笑聲下順利完成。謝謝各班主任和同學的努力及認真表現。

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