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Recent Events

[2017] Cambridge Junior Programme

Life-wide Learninig
30 Jul - 12 Aug 2017
Cambridge University

Forty-four P.6 students went on a fabulous learning trip to Cambridge last summer. Each day was filled with wonderful lessons and fun activities. Lessons were taught by experienced school teachers and their mentors who are current Cambridge and Oxford university students are all caring and responsible. In addition, the mentors would bring them onto field trips to extend and enrich the learning experience in the lessons during the 2-week programme. All of our students showed great interest in all they did and expressed excitement whenever our teachers saw them at meal times. They were highly engaged in their small groups with students from other primary schools. By the end of the learning trip, they made great friends and enjoyed every moment which would never be forgotten. They all felt that it was an eye-opening experience and wished they could stay longer!



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