P1 Admission

P.1 Admission Application for 2023-2024 school year - Notification of 2nd Round Interview


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  1. As the epidemic has slowed down, around 550 applicants will be invited to attend the Second Interview at our School.
    Part I: Applicants will participate in group interviews between 5 to 6 December 2022 (Parents no need to attend).
    Part II: Applicants and parents will be invited to meet with the Principal / Vice Principal between 9 January 2023 to 13 February 2023.
    Parents MUST print or download the PDF file of your child's ''Interview Notification Letter'' for registration. No interviews will be arranged for late-comers or applicants who cannot present the ''Interview Notification Letter'' and a valid student handbook.
  2. Due to the large number of applicants, our school will not be able to entertain requests for changes of interview time and dates. Thank you for your understanding.
  3. Invited candidate (and parents) must attend both parts of the Second Interview for consideration of admission.

If parents cannot access our admission system, please contact us before 21 December 2022.

Please note the important dates as below:


  • Announcement date of the First Interview Result will be 10 November 2022 at 10:00am.
  • (Part I) Second Interview will be held from 5 to 6 December 2022; (Part II) Second Interview will be held from 5 January to 17 February 2023.
  • Announcement date of the (Part II) Second Interview Schedule will be 20 December 2022.
  • Announcement date of the Second Interview Final Result will be in late February 2023. Successful applicant should register with our school in late February 2023.

Application Procedures (updated as at 31 Oct 2022)  Contents of P1 Interview (Chinese version only)


For any enquiries, please contact the school office at 2202-3922.